About us

The history 

Crime City Clothing took form 2009 with the idea and intention to make alternatve clothing in an alternative way, based on actually fairtrade and ecological fabric and printed with the discharge printing technique. 

I had a clothingstore in Malmö selling other brands and I were missing brands deeply attached to rocknroll, punk and metal. I were also missing brands that involved strong women. This was the main thing why I started the brand and it was from the beginning meant to just be sold in my store in Malmö.

The designs has been created by my mind and ideas on what I wanted to have on prints, and together with my friend Vince Ruarus I got my ideas formed, which made it personal rather than a product from random ideas. 

2012 when the brand designs got copied, or bootleged if rather said, by a big company who even choosed to copy the logo and it's looks, I decided to make the designs even more personal, out of prints of friends and family members.

This is both fun and inspiring, and makes it even more fun to push the prints when it comes to promote them when ever selling at festivals or just through the web. 

The name came to form when I asked friends around me about possible ideas, this to make it a more including idea from ones inspiring me to do the things I do. Crime City Clothing were the name that the most of people were exited about and it felt like a good idea to use in terms of making the rough parts enlightened.

 / Ciilja - 2016

Crime City Clothing